HighIoT crushes hackers and gives back to crowdfunding backers with its Akita cybersecurity device

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HighIoT, the cybersecurity company building IoT devices with blockchain technology, raised over $900,000 on its Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns for its Akita device, which has been chosen to resell on Amazon. HighIoT is preparing its p…

Про керування і безкоштовні хмарні технології

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Займаючись інтернетом речей, бачу багато новаторів, що самостійно встановлюють собі засоби побутової автоматизації – всілякі розетки, реле, термостати. У більшості це системи з відкритими протоколами чи навіть з відкритим чи самописним кодом. Для зручності користування, такі пристрої підключають до популярних … Читати далі

Meet the Chicago tech company bringing the Internet of Things to the NFL

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The past few years have been rough for the Chicago Bears, who’ve consistently placed dead last in the NFC North since 2013. But there is one local outfit for whom the past few NFL seasons have been a runaway success — and their name also derives from the animal kingdom. That company is Zebra …

SAP revamps its pricing model to account for indirect access: Here’s what you need to know

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SAP has revamped its sales model to differentiate between direct and human access to its systems and indirect digital access as corporate systems increasingly connect to the Internet of things and automated processes. It remains unclear what SAP’s pricing changes will mean for an individual customer.