Hospitality c-suite strategist reveals “Internet of Things,” a key new technology in foodservice

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By Merilee Kern. When British technologist Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of Things” in 1999, referring to a network connecting not just people but the everyday objects around them, it was a concept both fantastical and futuristic. But with a n…

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things Techs, Together at Last

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All IoT devices would require intelligent coordination and control. In the last decade, spectacular strides were made in AI systems, to work in coordination with IoT, regardless of their differences. AI seems to be the favorite topic in today’s press releases. There is plenty of talk, plenty of implied fear, and …

Під капотом – Osram Lightify

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Як розбирали на компоненти шлюз розумної системи керування освітленням Osram Lightify Дата розбирання: 06.03.2018 Рівень цікавості (чим вище, тим краще): 10,6 переглядів / день Джерело: ifixit

ARM’s new tamper-resistant chip aims to secure the ‘internet of things

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ARM Holdings plc today unveiled a new chip with specialized antitampering features designed for situations where hackers gain direct physical access to a device. The Cortex-M35P, as it’s called, is based in part on technology from the company’s SecurCore processors. They’re built for use in biometric …